What are Digital Therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics deliver care recommendations and resources directly to cancer patients using evidence-based software to manage and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. Used in concert with and to support physician care, digital therapeutics use patient data to intelligently optimize patient care and health outcomes.

The Prosperdtx digital health platform aggregates and harmonizes both patient electronic health records and unstructured real-world data collected from the patient into an interoperable HIPAA compliant longitudinal patient record. Our proprietary causal-inference machine learning approach creates individual computational phenotypes that generate actionable care recommendations delivered to the patient via our patient engagement applications.

Prosperdtx Patient Engagement App
Prosperdtx Patient Engagement App
Prosperdtx Digital Health Platform Chart
Prosperdtx Digital Health Platform Chart

Better Patient Outcomes

Why is it important?

There is no clear roadmap for a patient when they receive their cancer diagnosis - critial health data are scatted across multiple healthcare systems - and greater than 90% of cancer patients do not receive the care support to manage side-effects and care complictions.

Data Missingness - Physicians do not see the whole picture - important information may be missing from the patient record.

Imprecision - Generalized treatments prescribed based on population response rate data do not deliver what individuals need.

Gaps in the Continuity of Care – patients need supportive resources to address areas that overwhelmedcaregivers cannot provide.

High Costs for Low Value - Better earlier and precision disease care delivers better outcomes and lowers overall cost of care for the payor.

Timeliness - Patient care must be current and change when the patient’s condition changes.

Underserved populations - Patients deserve high-quality care regardless of race, age, income, languae, culture or greography.

Lower Healthcare Costs

The Prosperdtx Value Proposition

Prosperdtx combines technology and evidenced-based medicine to offer cancer patients precision digital support 24/7 - enabling payors to:

· Reduce the overall cost of care

· Enhance and support current medical treatments

· Optimize patient engagement with navigators and persoanl care team

· Improve provider network efficiency

· Support value- and outcomes-based care initiatives

· Expand care delivery outside of traditional clinic settings

· Improve member experience and satisfaction

Digital Therapeutics


Digital therapeutics are validated via rigorous testing, real-world data and product performance.

Digital therapeutics are regulated by national and regional agencies and any medical benefit claims must be based on clincial data supporting regulatory claims.

Prosperdtx Digital therapeutics do not replace the physician or presribe medication but rather assist patient care teams by providing patients with timely supportive care recommendations and needed resources.

Prosperdtx bases it interventional recommendations based upon a deep understanding of an actively treated patient's care regime and supports patient adherence as well as providing care team coordination and personalized resources that adjust to changes in patient status.

Patients & Caregivers – Gain access to the Prosperdtx digital health platform that is accessible, easy to use, improves patient well being and expands access to care resources.

Clinicians – Receive the most current detailed reports of a patient's condition and personal experience.

Payors – Reduce overall medical costs, support value-based care initiatives and improve member experience.

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