Personalized 24/7 Patient Support to Help Cancer Patients Anywhere, Anytime

Prosperdtx provides an understandable presentation of aggregated health data

Precision medicine personalized care and support recommendations at the patient level

Continuous 24/7 supportwith easy-to- navigate patient engagement app

Managementof symptoms, anticipation of disease progression and adverse events - avoidance of unnecessary hospitalizations

Dynamicupdated recommendations that change when you change

What We Do


Digital therapeutics are validated via rigorous testing, real-world data and product performance.

Digital therapeutics are regulated by national and regional agencies and any medical benefit claims must be based on clincial data supporting regulatory claims.

Prosperdtx Digital therapeutics do not replace the physician or presribe medication but rather assist patient care teams by providing patients with timely supportive care recommendations and needed resources.

Prosperdtx bases it interventional recommendations based upon a deep understanding of an actively treated patient's care regime and supports patient adherence as well as providing care team coordination and personalized resources that adjust to changes in patient status.

Patients & Caregivers – Gain access to the Prosperdtx digital health platform that is accessible, easy to use, improves patient well being and expands access to care resources.

Clinicians – Receive the most current detailed reports of a patient's condition and personal experience.

Payors – Reduce overall medical costs, support value-based care initiatives and improve member experience.

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